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The London Mint Office

If you are looking for a memorable gift, why not take a look at The London Mint Office. They have a unique range of collectable items.

The London Mint Office:

"The London Mint Office is a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of Europe's most successful direct marketing organisations', the Samlerhuset Group.

The London Mint Office is one of the leading distributors of collector coins in the UK.

Our objective is to open up the fascinating world of coin collecting to a far wider audience than the traditional numismatist.

Through offering a very wide array of coins – from modern day commemoratives to coins from the ancient world, from our renowned Sovereign collection to coins celebrating Harry Potter – we make coin collecting a vibrant and engrossing hobby. Backed up by the highest standards of customer care and competitive pricing, we provide our rapidly growing customer base with the highest level of service.

We have a range of coins and commemoratives with wide appeal, particularly to UK audiences. Our typical offer of a £5 coin for £5 (including postage) means that online shoppers can make a low-risk purchase.

Our aim is to take the stuffiness out of owning commemorative coins by making them widely accessible.

Our coins have popular motifs such as commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Lord Nelson and St George".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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The London Mint Office

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