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Kaskey Kids

Kaskey Kids

Sporting action figures from the Kaskey Kids website. Set up your own matches with the great range of plastic teams and see if your favourite team can win!

Kaskey Kids:

"The concept for Kaskey Kids came together in 2002.

Christy Kaskey blended her desire to find the perfect toy for her sports loving kids, with the memory she had of her brothers entertaining themselves for hours on end with the classic action figures of their childhood; Army Men, Super Heroes and Cowboys and Indians.

Christy wanted to retain the value behind these classic toys and the benefits they gave of open-ended, child-driven, fun and imaginary play, but wanted the action figures for her children to focus on the sports they loved.

Kaskey Kids' award winning sports action figures for kids ages 3-9 combine Kids' classic love for action figures with the popularity of sports for endless entertainment and imaginary play.

We have a sport for every season including Football, College Football, Soccer, Hockey and Baseball!"

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Kaskey Kids

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