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Collectables Direct and Bodhi Shop

Two in one from Zyra, it's the Collectables Direct and Bodhi Shop websites! If you like, you can do a bit of Pilates while watching some great British Comedy!

Collectables Direct and Bodhi Shop:

"CollectablesDirect.com and BodhiShop.com Together.

British Entertainment from CollectablesDirect.com Yoga and Pilates Workout Apparel, DVDs, Equipment from BodhiShop.com.


No need to hop the pond!

CollectablesDirect.com - the online source for the best in British entertainment!

There's nothing like a BBC mystery to send a chill up your spine, a delectable period drama to make you swoon, or a hilarious British comedy to tickle your funny bone. CollectablesDirect.com offers all the British hits—including sci fi, documentaries, and popular television shows—direct to the customer.


Searching for stylish and effective workout apparel, DVDs, equipment, and more?

Look no further than BodhiShop.com.

BodhiShop.com is a fantastic online source for products that support a healthy, active lifestyle—no matter your fitness or skill level. From yoga and pilates to running and strength-training, BodhiShop.com has everything you need to stay active and healthy.

Choose from an array of fitness and sports equipment, DVDs, books, and apparel—including the exclusive TONIC clothing line".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link here to go to Collectables Today!

Link here to go to Bodhi Shop!

Collectables Direct

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