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Logbook Loans 247

Logbook Loans 247

Fast Short Term Loans Against Your Vehicle

Get a loan against the value of your vehicle with Logbook Loans 247. They offer short term loan solutions, to owners of cars, motorbikes, or other vehicles.

Logbook Loans 247:

"Logbook Loans 247 are a leading provider of Logbook Loans and Car Pawning Services.

Logbook loans are a short term loan solution that are geared specifically towards those people that own their own car, motorbike, or other vehicle.

They are secured against the value of the vehicle and they can be used by virtually any vehicle owner in order to borrow up to £50,000.

The total amount that can be borrowed will depend on the value of the car and the borrower's requirements, but logbook loans are also good for those with bad credit as well as those that need quick access to a cash loan.

Logbook Loans 247 is a fully accredited member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and therefore is fully compliant with its Code of Practice.

The CCTA is one of the longest serving credit trade associations in the UK. They have been established for over 100 years. London Logbook Loans is committed to ethical and responsible lending".

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Logbook Loans 247

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