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ACF Car Finance

A reputable car dealer and car finance company

Featured at Zyra's affiliate website, where the honest truth is presented for your consideration

ACF Car Finance is a car dealer and car finance company in one. This has various merits over having the car finance and the car dealership as separate. However, if you buy a car on credit, they will expect you to keep up payments, and it will cost more than paying in cash. ACF Car FinanceNevertheless, it's worth a look and then decide for yourself if this is for you.

Incidentally, the company now called ACF Car Finance is well-established and was previously called Approved Car Finance, which was quite appropriate because one of the key things about getting finance (the facility to borrow money) is being Approved! Later the company shortened the name to ACF to make it a three-letter-acronym, but then decided to retain the inclusion of "Car Finance" in the company name. The result is a strange tautology, but that's what the company is called, ACF Car Finance!

Here's what they have to say...ACF Car Finance

ACF Car Finance

"ACF Car Finance is the UK's leading nationwide car dealer, specialising in providing quality used cars and arranging car finance for credit impaired customers.

Unlike some car dealerships, ACF Car Finance offers a one stop solution for customers who have been unable to secure credit elsewhere. ACF Car FinanceTypically when looking to buy a car, a customer might visit a car dealer to choose a car, make an application for finance and then possibly have to repeat that process numerous times. With ACF Car Finance, the car buying experience is made as simple as possible, for the customer's convenience.

ACF Car Finance has been trading since 2003 and is pleased to be able to continue to assist the growing number of customers who require our specialist services.

Buy a car from ACF Car Finance and receive:

Now you see this is good, because they make sure you are credit-worthy and they sell you a decent used car to fit with your affordable budget. The fact that there's stated to be a good after-sales service is also good. It's in the company's own interests to make sure it's a good deal, as they would like to be paid back the money with interest, and that's more likely to happen if they have sold you a reliable car in the first place.

Here's the ACF Car Finance creditworthiness test criteria...

"The ACF Car Finance ... criteria ... outlined:

"A valid email address and telephone number are defined as one where direct contact can be made with the applicant". This makes sense because ACF Car Finance want to know you are who you say you are. The requirement for a driving licence is also fair enough. I don't know why they prefer you to have a job with a wage rather than be self-employed, but then again, if you're a great success you could probably buy a car for cash rather than requiring credit. The "over 23" rule is because they believe you are more likely to be a safe driver.

The offer applies to the UK, but more specifically you have to be in England or Wales. Apologies to folks in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but I suggest you lobby ACF Car Finance about this!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

ACF Car Finance

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Historical note: "ACF Car Finance" was previously known as Approved Car Finance

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Further Information on ACF Car Finance (Legal Material)

"ACF Car Finance. Registered in England. Registered number 4757280. Registered address:ACF Car Finance

International House,
Kingsfield Court,
Chester Business Park,
CH4 9RF.

Finance is provided subject to status and provision of correct documents. Licensed credit brokers. Credit is only available on cars supplied by us. Customer must be at least 23 years of age and a UK resident (excluding customers outside England and Wales). A guarantor may be required. Security may be required by way of a Bill of Sale. Subject to availability, ACF Car Finance reserves the right to substitute a similar gift of equal value".

An APR Representative rate was also quoted, but I leave these out because they tend to change. For up-to-date representative APR, you can visit the place and have a look.

This page, and the old Approved Car Finance page, are part of Zyra's affiliate website, whereas the official site is www.acfcarfinance.co.uk and is visitable here

Special offer: available up until 31st August 2012:

FREE 12 months’ Maintenance and Breakdown Care for every ACF Car Finance customer:

"All ACF Car Finance customers will be eligible to receive 12 months’ mechanical breakdown cover, based on RAC Warranty’s platinum product, free of charge! The cover was developed by ACF Car Finance in conjunction with RAC Warranty

RAC Warranty has extended the scope of its platinum product for the company by allowing it to be applied to vehicles up to ten years old, and with up to 100,000 miles on the clock".

Offer available if you take up a deal with ACF Car Finance by 31st August 2012. More about this at their website