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RAC Warranty

RAC Motor WarrantyRAC Warranty offer a range of insurance related products aimed specifically at protecting motorists from all the unexpected costs of running a car. These include:-

RACRAC warranty - well worth a look. However, even a link can suffer from a temporary breakdown, and that's what's happened here. Hopefully we'll have an update on this when it's been mended. In the meantime, you can still join the RAC, and still view other Insurance offers here. Especially of note is the RAC INSURANCE offer (announced 2004/10)

Link Temporarily Out of Action

http://www.policyreg.com and www.racwarranty.com affiliate program ()

Temporary problem. Soon to be repaired. In the meantime, see: RAC Breakdown Recovery or RAC Insurance

Also, RAC Warranty is being offered up until 31st August 2012 by ACF Car Finance