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Adrian Flux
Specialist Motor Insurance

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If you want insurance for a high performance / custom car, or any unusual vehicle, here was the free phone number for Adrian Flux, the specialist motor insurance provider!

A Quote: "Adrian Flux is the UK's largest specialist motor insurance provider, covering everything from classic and vintage cars, right through to heavily modified sports cars. We use our specialist knowledge to offer great rates covering almost every vehicle imaginable with special rates for classic cars, hot hatches, high-performance cars, modified cars, 4x4 vehicles, kit cars, grey imports and much more.

Because the insurance we offer is tailored to your exact needs, all our quotes receive the attention of a specialist underwriter,so you will usually get our best quotes, as well as a faster service, over the phone".

I can speak from personal experience on this, as I phoned one insurance company after another trying to insure my own unusual vehicle and my own curious health condition, and many of the mainstream insurance companies couldn't fit me into any pigeon-hole and so they'd quote ridiculous premiums. So, finding out about Adrian Flux the specialist insurance company, is good news.

Adrian Flux has a panel of over 40 insurers, and expert staff who use their knowledge and experience to find the best policy. There are over 100 exclusive specialist insurance schemes so you can get a policy tailored exactly to your needs. The staff are genuine enthusiasts based in the UK.

Motor Insurance Products are listed as follows:

* Standard UK Car Insurance

* High Performance Car insurance

* Luxury & Executive Car Insurance

* Hot hatch & Sports Coupé insurance

* 4x4 Vehicles Insurance

* Land Rover InsuranceAdrian Flux

* Modified Car insurance

* Q-Plated Car Insurance

* Rally Car Insurance

* Japanese Import Car insurance

* Classic Car insurance

* US Car Insurance (in the UK)

* Kit Car insurance

* Beetle Insurance

* Mini Insurance

* Camper Insurance

* Young driver car insurance

* Women's car insurance

* Mature Drivers insurance

* Convicted drivers

* Driving Instructor Insurance

* Motortrade Insurance

Note that for the motorcycle insurance, it's under the heading of Bikesure, but the free phone number is the same: Freefone 0800 XXX XXX

* Motorcycle & Quad Insurance

* Scooter insurance

* Moped Insurance

* Cruiser Insurance

* Superbike Insurance

* Trikes Insurance

* Quad bikes insurance

* Van & Commercial Vehicle Insurance (including vans used for pleasure)

* Caravan Insurance

* Motorhome Insurance

At Adrian Flux they say "Our highly-knowledgeable staff can save you time and money by finding the lowest-priced policy to suit your needs. Get your car insurance quote". So, if this sounds interesting, you might like to give them a call (free on UK land line phones) on:

Freefone [pending]

Adrian Flux and BikeSure - insurance FREEFONE

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