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For a well known name in car accessories and cycling, it's got to be Halfords. Have a look at their ever expanding product lines.


"Halfords is the UK's leading retailer, on the basis of turnover, in each of the three product markets in which it operates, being:

Halfordscar maintenance (including car parts, servicing consumables (such as oil), workshop tools and body repair equipment);

car enhancement (including in-car entertainment systems, cleaning products, accessories, interior and exterior car styling products, navigation systems and alloy wheels);

leisure (including cycles and cycle accessories and roof boxes, cycle carriers, child car seats and outdoor leisure equipment).

The Directors believe that Halfords differentiates itself from its competitors through its national store portfolio, its broad product range, competitive pricing (achieved through scale of purchasing power), customer service offerings performed in-store by staff (e.g. fitting and repair services) and its strong brands.

Halfords' store portfolio comprised 393 stores across the UK as at 1 October 2004. Of these stores, 341 were out-of-town superstores and 52 were small stores located in high streets and other urban locations.UK-only delivery

Halfords is in the process of upgrading its out-of-town superstores and is also upgrading its small stores. As at 1 October 2004, 270 superstores and 19 small stores were in the new formats. The upgrades to Halfords’ stores have proven successful with Halfords’ existing core customer base, whilst attracting new customers from the growing number of car and cycle enthusiasts, whom the upgrades were particularly designed to attract".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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How is the name "Halfords" pronounced. According to the TV ads, it is Hal-fords, or Hal'fds. I remember living in a town where the name of Halfords was routinely pronounced "Hollfords" or "Hollfurds". Then an aged aunt stated that it was actually supposed to be pronounced "Half'ords", like a half! Although the aunt's credibility was not high because of other things she had authoritatively stated which had proven to be incorrect, the idea that the name of Halfords might have its pronunciation in doubt remained. However, I am now reasonably sure it is not Holfords, nor is it HALF'uds, and it is in fact HAL'fds.