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LA Wheels Direct - Wheels & tires shipped to your door - including custom racing wheels (We were on Link Partners 3 - link number 1115, until the page http://www.barretire.com/linkpartners3.htm at http://www.barretire.com disappeared)

Bush Tyres UK

Did you know you can buy tyres online now?! Etyres is the UK's Largest online tyre retailer. To find out more and see about buying those tyres you need, the website is www.etyres.co.uk (affiliate program to resume?)

Also, did you know that on trucks, those dual tyres can sometimes be expensive to run because the tyres aren't the same size as each other?! What's more, they change size differently as they warm up. There's now a cure for this in the form of a gadget which equalises the pressure. To see more about this, see CROSSFIRE - was http://www.work9.fsnet.co.uk/cf.htm

Also, there's a method for choosing your lottery numbers using tyres at The Tyres page in this crazy book.

Truck inner tubes and car inner tubes often get a second life as fun things with which to mess about on water. However, even punctured old tubes can be recycled as stretchy string which is a kind of DIY bungee-cord which is useful for a variety of purposes.