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If you like to spend money on your car, you'll be spoilt for choice at Edworthy's. They stock a huge number of custom parts, to create the ultimate Street Machine.


"Edworthys are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Performance car parts and car accessories. Our range has over 130,000 products from all the top brands.

The business has an established policy of offering a vast range of leading-name accessories such as car accessories, Edworthy'sAlloy wheels, body kits, Car audio, interior styling, performance features, navigation systems and much, much more.

These are all offered to customers at the lowest possible UK prices. Typically you can expect to save up to 30% by buying through our web site instead of from a motoring retail store.

The majority of orders are carried in stock at our 8,000 square feet warehouse where our 24 staff pick, pack and ship the vast majority of items to you same day by one of our logistics partners.

We offer online finance and our products are updated regularly".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link WAS Here To Go To The Place!


http://www.edworthys.co.uk affiliate program was with Affiliate Future but http://scripts.affiliatefuture.com/AFClick.asp?affiliateID=558&merchantID=100&programmeID=281&mediaID=0&tracking=&url= has now GONE. The trouble is that in the case of Edworthy's, the website address www.edworthys.co.uk has also gone, and at 2012/09 it just redirected to various naff coupon offers which were nothing to do with it. Indeed, searches for Edworthys came up with no worthwhile results, and for a while were full loads of rubbish voucher codes, none of which were genuine because the official site no longer exists. It's important to be aware of this sort of dishonesty and to avoid it!