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Eagle Star Insurance

If you are considering buying car insurance in the UK, Eagle Star Insurance is among many good places to look. When driving a car in the UK, having car insurance is a good idea, and it's wise to have car insurance that will be some help in the unlikely event that you need to claim! In the words of Eagle Star, "Eagle Star is one of the best known direct insurers in the UK specialising in car and home (buildings and content) insurance. We were the first insurance company to offer an online, transactional website where our customers could buy their insurance on line".

Well Done to Eagle Star!

To learn more about Eagle Star, and to see if the insurance on offer is right for you, you could have a look at their website, which is www.eaglestar.co.uk . Currently you are looking at a page at Zyra's website which is a helpful site linking to all kinds of places including many insurance companies. It would be nice to get Eagle Star back on here, with an affiliate link, such as the one with TradeDoubler. I'm not sure why it's no longer connected, but it may have been something to do with clauses in contracts. (see the guide to clauses in contracts). Anyway, here's hoping this can all be resolved amicably and we can get on with promoting Eagle Star!

We are good for business for many companies and will be happy for Eagle Star to contact us to help to resolve the current situation.

Here's where the old link was!

http://www.eaglestar.co.uk affiliate program was with TradeDoubler but it's since been bunged up. We have other insurance companies on here, and Eagle Star will be welcomed back if we can reach an amicable agreement.