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Hastings Insurance

Hastings Insurance is competitive motor insurance with memorable ads themed on 1066, the Battle of Hastings, and the Norman Conquest. With this historical theme, Hastings Insurance is truly memorable.Hastings Insurance

Hastings Direct provides quality insurance cover at the best possible prices for both car and bike insurance. Partnering with a panel of the UK insurers.

Hastings offer a range of benefits and optional extras to enable tailor made policies to suit your needs – cut costs without cutting your cover!

Those helpful people at Hastings Insurance add, in their own words: "Save time and money on cheaper car insurance with Hastings Direct – we’ll compare prices so you don’t have to, searching our panel of leading UK car insurers to get you our very best price. An online car insurance quote couldn’t be easier; you can tailor the policy to suit the level of cover you require and the whole process will only take a few minutes", and they then go on to explain in detail including prices and percentage savings, how much money you could save. Prices are subject to change, so I suggest you look at the current situation with Hastings Insurance to get a quote online. So, here are the links:

The Link was here for Hastings Car Insurance


The Link was here for Hastings Bike Insurance


http://www.hastingsdirect.com/ affiliate program was with Silvertap

It's been nice promoting Hastings Insurance, but bizarrely in June 2012 Hastings decided to kick most of their affiliates off their affiliate program. This is not good practice, and they have been informed of this mistake. It seems someone there has suicidally poor judgement when it comes to marketing, as (incredible as it may seem), they are favouring cash-back sites. Well, that's like favouring spam-sending sites, or PPC domain mithering sites. Absurd.

Many good companies won't have cashback sites on their affiliate programs at all, and others offer lower commissions for cash-back sites. The policy here is We Do Not Do Any Incentivised Stuff. This is a real content site, and it does good because it's visited by folks.

Hastings Insurance will now have to miss-out, but that's OK because as I often say, "It's anyone's prerogative to miss-out!". I'm sure other Insurance Companies will laugh at their choice, and will be keen to be promoted here at this interesting site, and at other long-term reliable real-content sites.

If Hastings should ever choose to have a better policy, they'll be welcomed back at this site. In the meantime, this page has been bunged up! Shucks!

In the meantime, there are alternatives to Hastings Car Insurance at the page of Car Insurance , and there are alternatives to Hastings Motorcycle Insurance at the page of Motorbike Insurance