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Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance

If you need a brief period of car insurance, try Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance. It will give you cover for up to 28 days.

Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance:

Norwich Union Direct Logo "What is Short Term Car Insurance?

Short Term Car Insurance is temporary comprehensive cover, allowing you to choose when you need it and for how long – up to 28 days.

When would I need Short Term Car Insurance?

Sometimes you need car insurance for a temporary period. This could be when:

- you need to drive your new car off the forecourt, or away from an auction or other seller and want the peace of mind of being fully covered

- a family member or friend wishes to borrow your car or van for the weekend

- you’re travelling on holiday with a number of people with whom you want to share driving responsibility

- you’re visiting friends and family so that either you can be covered to drive their car or vice versa

- or you don’t run a car all year round, but occasionally need to borrow one.

What are the benefits?

- Fully comprehensive cover – peace of mind that you’re covered not only for third party damage but also for the car you’re driving

- Immediate cover– you pay online by secure credit/debit card transaction, and print out your insurance cover documents

- Flexible – you choose when you need cover and for how long from 1 – 28 days".

If you have been tempted by this, here (temporarily!) was the link:


Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance

http://www.norwichunion.com affiliate program WAS with OMG UK

"Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance"? - Ironical as it may seem, it wasn't just the car insurance that was SHORT TERM, but the affiliate program was too. Scarcely three months after we got this page online, a message came in from OMG to say... "Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance Suspension : It is with great regret to inform you that the Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance program is to be paused with immediate effect, due to budgetary constraints". ... and they go on to say more about it, but wait; Budgetary constraints? This is unnecessary. We are able to promote Norwich Union's excellent insurance policy on a continuous basis, and Norwich Union are a company in a good standard of solvency and easily able to pay us on an ongoing basis for business brought to them via these pages. So, where's the problem? Answer: a short term CAPPED cash flow problem. Hopefully this will be solved, as with other affiliate programs.

In the meantime until this is solved, see Norwich Union Car Insurance