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If you're looking for specialist insurance look no further than Tradex. They cover everything from Taxis to Ice Cream vans, take a look at their information below.


"Founded in 1995, Tradex specialises in insurance for businesses in all sectors of the motor trade. With headquarters in London, 6 further offices provide cover across Britain.

In 2006, Tradex was one of the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 companies and this year it ranked 40th in the Sunday Times Profit Track 100. When Tradex started it specialised in a market that many perceived to be more trouble than it was worth - the motor trade and its associated risks. Over time, Tradex has built up a wide portfolio of motor trade business - from small to large, from specialist to general, from sales from home only to fully integrated sales, workshop and body shop enterprises.

Unusual cover became another area of expertise; ice cream vans, funfairs, get you home services, specialist commercial - if it involved a vehicle, Tradex would cover it easily, efficiently and economically.

With the growth of the World Wide Web more and more of these businesses are now transacting online. In addition more and more of Tradex’s products are becoming attractive to consumers including the new home fleet product.

Tradex specialises in insurance for businesses in all sectors of the motor trade.

Insurance Products:

Motor Trade - Road Risk Only; Taxis; Courier; Chauffeur; Taxi liability; Homefleet; Motor trade - combined and Specialist risk".

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Shucks! That's another good affiliate program that's gone and another nice page bunged up. I seem to remember something about Tradex leaving the affiliate program a while ago. Still, maybe they'll return at some time, in which case the page could be connected up again via another affiliate link. In the meantime, customers, you're welcome to type in the web address, or have a look at other insurance companies, which we have featured many of at this site. Also see unusual insurance, and how to run your own business

Update 2011: Upon testing Tradex, we have found that they will insure vans, but only if you have a Fleet of them. They'll also insure private cars but not for commercial use!