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various types of insurance which don't fit into the more obvious categories

Kinds of Insurance other than Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Health Insurance, and Travel Insurance, and Life Insurance , and companies who may provide specialist insurance lines:

Endsleigh *
Many speciality insurance lines are (or were) covered at Endsleigh, including backpackers, landlords, foreign students or students studying abroad, cats, caravans, dangerous sports, etc

Music Guard *
Specialist insurance for musicians, bands, orchestras, recording studios, sound engineers etc

Tackleguard *
Specialist insurance for your fishing tackle.

Lawshield UK *
Identity Theft insurance and much more!

Bsure *
Female Cancer Insurance

Dencover Limited *
Insure Your Smile

Golf Plan *
Golf Insurance

For bicycle insurance, see Cycle-Guard *

includes insurance against fishtanks being burst by frost!


E.ON Central Heating Insurance *
It's like car breakdown cover but for your central heating boiler. The idea is, if the boiler conks out, E.ON will fix it.

The AA Home Emergency Response *
The principal of car breakdown cover applied to home emergencies.

Landlord Insurance: see Direct Line Landlord * and Endsleigh *

Hiscox Business Insurance *

Worth Ave Group *

Webmoney Mortgage Protection Insurance *

Insure Your Glasses *

Handbag Cover *

AA Caravan Insurance *

Golf Insurance * - at The Golfers Club

Webmoney Payment Protection Insurance *

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) can be good, and is something to consider. However, beware of bad practice in the Payment Protection Insurance business, and if you think you have been victim to it before, see First Refunds to see if you can get your money back.

Insurance against catastrophic hard disc drive failure

Also see Insurance of Sentimental Items

and Tsunami Insurance + Volcano Insurance

Previously on this page were:

petPals Pet Insurance *

ASDA Pet Insurance *

RSPCA Pet Insurance *

Virgin Pet Insurance *

Direct Line Pet Insurance *

More Than Pet Insurance *

... but these have been moved to the new category of Pet Insurance

Also see the main Insurance category here to see if whatever it is you'd like to insure is already a practicality with one of the many places featured here.

As another possibility, it's worth knowing that William Hill the bookmaker is open to offers on unusual bets by special arrangement. You may find your risk management can be covered by carefully specifying a bet, if agreeable. For example, if you said "I bet you it will rain on my parade in the desert", or "I bet you I will get bitten by the Loch Ness Monster", William Hill might take you on, thus in effect insuring you against such an eventuality.