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Direct Line Landlord Insurance

(best to be on the safe side)

When you're renting out a property to tenants, it's a good idea to have Landlord Insurance. Part of the problem is tenants aren't always as careful as you are with your property. Also, if you're not living in the place yourself it's tricky to keep an eye on what's going on, and unexpected things can happen. Direct Line is an insurance company willing to take on such risks and to cover you against various perils which might befall your property and/or your tenants.

Landlord Insurance

"Direct Line's Landlord Insurance is designed for properties owned by the policyholder and occupied by tenants solely for domestic, residential purposes.

Properties can be single and multi-location portfolios of houses and modern, purpose-built blocks of flats, occupied full-time by professionals, and ideally managed by the policyholder or professional letting agents. All could be at risk from fire, theft, malicious damage, and public liabilities, amongst others.

Direct Line's Residential Property Insurance covers landlords against each of these risks as part of it's basic standard cover and offers the opportunity to mould their policy to suit them best by adding optional extras or increasing cover levels".

Standard cover:Direct Line Insurance

• Buildings including equipment breakdown
• Public and Property Owners Liability
• Business interruption
• Loss of money
• Personal accident (assault)

Optional cover:

•Loss of rent receivable
•Landlord’s contents
•Employers liability
•Personal accident"

Other good points about Direct Line Landlord Insurance:

•Alternative accommodation costs up to 20% of the sum insured on the damaged building
•Damage to gardens caused by emergency services with up to £25k for any one claim
•Free 24-hour advice lines including glass replacement and legal advice
•Equipment breakdown including landlord’s contents contained within tenanted property

Curiously, Direct Line won't currently insure landlords where the tenants are students. For that, you need Endsleigh

However, Direct Line's Residential Property Insurance will insure most types of property with most types of tenants residing. For example...

•Single tenant
•Occupied as 1 or 2 flats
•Occupied as 3 or 4 flats
Direct Line Insurance
•Purpose built flats
•Occupied as 2 flats
•Occupied as 3 flats
•Occupied as 4 flats
•Occupied as 5 or 6 flats
•Occupied as 6 flats
•Occupied as 7 or 8 flats

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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