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Direct Line

The insurance company with the little remote control machines on wheels in their famous advertising campaigns now has a wide variety of different types of insurance available for you to look at. Car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance for cats and dogs, life insurance (including life insurance against critical illness) and a type of rescue cover which is for the home.

To find out more, you are welcome to click on the links below to find out more about the Direct Line products:

Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line Home Insurance

Direct Line Home Rescue Cover

Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line Life Insurance (gone)

Direct Line Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Direct Line Pet Insurance

Direct Line Landlord Insurance

Notice how the red telephone on wheels has been joined by a little red mouse on wheels now that Direct Line are in the business of offering insurance ONLINE. We like that.

Another good point: According to a TV commercial for Direct Line Insurance early in 2008, "You won't find Direct Line on any price comparison website". The idea is you'll get the best deal from Direct Line without being involved in price comparison.

Please note that this is quite separate from another company with a similar name, Directline Holidays