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RSPCA Pet Insurance

It would be nice to know that some of the money you pay for pet insurance goes to a good cause. Well it can do, if you take out a policy with RSPCA Pet Insurance.

RSPCA Pet Insurance:

"Every year up to half the pets in the UK require medical treatment due to accident or illness. The average cost for these treatments is around £220 but costs can rise into the thousands for more complicated operations. RSPCA pet insurance helps protect from these and other unexpected pet ownership costs.RSPCA Pet Insurance

The RSPCA offer extensive pet insurance, for cats and dogs, at great value prices extensively designed to help in times of greatest need. Low cost monthly premiums start at only £2.92 for cats and £5.41 for dogs. By choosing to insure a pet with the RSPCA you get great value insurance cover that aids the RSPCA in providing care for less fortunate animals, making it the right choice for a caring and compassionate pet insurance.

The RSPCA currently rescue, rehome and care for many unwanted animals nationwide. This care increases with every pet covered by RSPCA pet insurance. 20% of premiums go RSPCA Pet Insuranceto help the RSPCA protect vulnerable and neglected animals. This contribution allow the RSPCA to fund pet homes and shelters for unwanted and badly treated pets. With RSPCA pet insurance you get great value insurance cover for your pet and help less fortunate animals throughout the country.

RSPCA Pet Insurance offers:

Help with Vet Bills - up to £6000 is available to treat new medical conditions that a pet may develop

Cover for Lost and Stolen Pets - up to £750 available to help pay for advertising, repatriation and reward costs incurred when pets are lost or stolenRSPCA Pet Insurance

Owner Illness Cover - if you should fall ill and require medical treatment up to £750 is available to provide your pet with safe and secure accommodation for your pet while you are in hospital

The RSPCA cares for animals every day in the same way that you care for your pet. If you compare RSPCA pet insurance with other pet insurance policies available online you will see how much you can save and help other defenseless animals at the same time".

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RSPCA Pet Insurance

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