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Electric Insurance Company

Electric Insurance Company

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With a name like Electric Insurance Company, they had to be connected to GE in some way and it's true. Read their history below and then get a quote for your car or home insurance.

Electric Insurance Company:

"Our Electric Roots: If you’re wondering how we got our name, you’re not alone.

How does a company that sells auto, homeowners, condo, and renters insurance end up with 'Electric' in its name? Well, if you guessed it has something to do with one of the world’s largest and most respected companies, you’re correct.

The Electric Insurance name comes from GE, as in General Electric, and that’s where our story begins. In the early 1960s, GE employees were looking for insurance products to cover their auto and home. Enter, Electric Insurance. Incorporated in 1966 as a Massachusetts property and casualty insurer, we began offering auto and home insurance to these GE employees.

Our GE employee customers have played a major role in our continued success. Once they experienced our incredible customer service first-hand, they quickly told their family and friends to check us out. As you can imagine, there was an incredible domino effect.

Today, we remain intensely loyal to our GE customers but also offer our products to general consumers who rave about our personalized, no hassle approach to insurance.

A quick look at our customer base will tell you that today our policyholder population is about 60% GE and 40% general customers. Through our cutting-edge website, we provide world-class auto insurance service to customers countrywide".

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Electric Insurance Company

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