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GE Express

General Electric, the world-famous innovation company, now runs courses for learning about computers. In their own words... "IT education and related services. GE has a reputation for understanding the value of training, and we'd like to introduce our valued IT-oriented training partners to you. We provide an extensive variety of education services in a multitude of formats and bundles. We can supply the exact training you need - quickly, cost-effectively and hassle-free."GE Express Training

And now under the GE Express heading they are also doing computer spares. Look at this: "If your company maintains your own computer equipment, you need a reliable source for spare parts and other products. At GE Express, we're a multi-vendor replacement parts distributor.  We can supply the exact parts you need - quickly, cost-effectively and hassle-free"

THIS IS WHERE THE LINK WAS, but it's now a matter of finding where the new affiliate program is. In case it's any help the URL is http://www.geexpress.com and the affiliate program was previously at Commission Junction . Also see PARTS

Also see Electric Insurance