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a wild cat

wild cat

Picture of a Wild Cat!: Even in low light conditions the frightening appearance of a wild cat suggests it would be unwise to be this close to it. Though similar in shape and size to a domestic cat, this is an untamed creature that has never seen a hearthrug. More of a feline wolf than a moggie, the Scottish wild cat is the kind of creature which some people might prefer to avoid believing in. But in the Highlands there is plenty of open space for these creatures to run free. If by some extraordinary chance you happened to be so close to such a thing, the proximity would be of a very short duration, as the animal would not want to be close to you.

I've got a really bad feeling about this, and I am afeared that folk are going to write in and say "Scottish wild cats aren't like that at all" or "They don't look like that" or "there's no such thing" or "they are entirely tame things and you're wrong" or some such stuff. Well, if you know better than I do, please keep it polite.

The whole thing is so scary that it's best considered with a wee dram of some good Scotch!