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Cat 292 - Cat Caption Uncompetition

Cat Caption to be added

What's going on here? Can this be a caption competition where you can enter an apt and original caption and hope to gain some accolade? Certainly seems tempting, doesn't it? A curious picture of a black cat sitting there in the middle of a posh carpet and mysteriously a hand pointing in from the right. By the way, this isn't a real competition, and that's why it's been deliberately labelled "uncompetition", and there are no prizes. But still it is intriguing, and from one rather odd image so many diverse captions could be devised.

For example, how about "If you can tell what's going on in HERE you could be a naturally talented psychiatrist", and then the shpiel could go on to suggest how you could refine your natural talents and enrol for a university education to join the profession.

Or, it could be like a computer manual, where it says something like "To reset the machine, click here instead of on the mouse".

Maybe a more theatrical role scenario could be considered. Something like: "Is that a dagger I see before me? No! 'Tis just a finger that points! Hah! The dagger has been missing since Scene2"

Or, maybe it's part of the instructions for a 21st Century robot vacuum cleaner. "Yes, the Catovacomatic can clean your carpets in a jiffy. To start the sequence just plug into the recharger socket, and select HERE to start. Easy to operate, the Catovacomatic is a state-of-the-art animal android that blends into any home, making light work of household chores". Historical note: At the time of writing (2004/10) these are not available. However you can get a Dyson from various electrical shops

Then again, it could be more of an action thriller with tense scenes of clawbiting suspense: "Fearlessly, the feline hero held his ground, centre carpet, without moving a muscle. He could see the finger was loaded but knew he had the advantage of skill. 'Well, do you feel lucky, puss?'. He did not flinch, but instead calmly eyed up the piece of string in the distance, which he knew by sheer power of telekinesis he could cause to trip his adversary up".

But it might instead be more of a dramatic courtroom scene, something like "Members of the jury. I ask you to consider this. I accuse THIS CAT of wilfully stealing the chocolate sponge, and I demand that each of you search your conscience to see justice done this day and reach a verdict to find this cat guilty as charged!"

Or, a more artistic interpretation of the picture is that it could be a first prototype of a plan for the design of ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

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