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Online Shopping Malls

A catalogue of online shopping malls listed at www.zyra.org.uk

Zyra's shopping portalZyra! - Online Shopping links spread throughout the site. Also see Categories, and various selective items in the site index

Link here for Oyster.ccwww.Oyster.cc - Online shopping at UK shops and stores *

Who Will Sell Me ? - Shopping site * - www.whowillsellme.co.uk - sadly lost to cybersquatters

Xyroth Enterprises - directory / portal where you can buy all sorts of stuff *

Antzweb.co.uk - interesting affiliate site - with parrots too! * - sad as it may seem, this has gone

STAMP DEMON - The Stamp Web Directory!

Roundabout ShopperRoundabout Shopper - Online Reference Guide to Shopping and Advertising Roundabout the World *

Paul's Reviews - reviews about all kinds of things - was http://www.paulsreviews.com/

Fessonia - a whole new realm of resources being developed - was www.fessonia.co.uk

South24 - another brave new venture!

Toxic Drums - art, social comment, and online shopping

H2O2.tv - gone

Christopher Stancer - was www.christopherstancer.co.uk

Internet Affiliation

Brian's Website Kiwisweb - now www.brianuk.com (gone) *
Kiwisweb Solutions freelance website design and software development solutions worldwide.

BWSI - interesting space connections and affiliate programs *

www.Spartium.com - Online Shopping Mall *

"Spartium.com's online shopping mall has gifts for all occasions. We offer thousands of gifts at incredible prices delivered direct to your door. Our many categories include Jewelry, Fragrances, Hobbies & Collectibles, Executive Gifts, Music, Movies and lots more."

www.Spartium.co.uk - Online Shopping Site *

"Spartium.co.uk's online shopping site has gifts for all occasions. We offer thousands of online gifts at affordable prices - delivered direct to your doorstep! Our categories include Jewellery, Fragrances, Collectibles, Gift Baskets, Executive Gifts, Music, Movies and lots more."

* We have reciprocal links with these places.

These and other online shopping malls and sites have reciprocal/affiliate links with www.zyra.org.uk etc - It's good for business.