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Cyprus Charter

If you'd like to charter a boat in Cyprus, here's a place to know about. Cyprus Charter is a private enterprise company I've been asked to put in a helpful word for. You may be interested to find out more. As they say: "The boat measures over 40ft in length and can accommodate 8 people comfortably. The boat is powered by twin inboard engines which give the boat a good speed in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. The boat is named Stargazer. From the moment you step onto the boat - you'll truly feel like a star. For luxury yachting, we have equipped the Stargazer with all the refinements you will possibly need. A well stocked fridge, comfortable seating and an enclosed cabin for when the weather turns sour. If you want to see more of our boat - book online now! Contact your hotel reception or call 00357 99328076 for bookings and information". You can mention ZYRA put the word in when calling!

More info at the Cyprus Charters website...


Update: This page was created as a favour to a friend. Unfortunately their website has now gone and been cybersquatted. Tragic.

It's difficult to know what to say, but at least there is a Travel page here, and other contacts in Cyprus, and other Boating references.