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The Pyramids

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Cleopatra's Needle Egyptian monument in London

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Magical Egypt a symbolist tour

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It's a curious thing, but Egypt enjoys a remarkable reputation largely because of Ancient Egypt and the legends and magic of Ancient Egypt. Modern Egypt has difficulty living up to the legends of Ancient Egypt. It's not got the Pharaohs anymore, but is instead ruled over by a fanatical religious government that behaves in a rather odd way. Even according to the reasonably balanced Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Egypt , "Religious freedom in Egypt is hampered to varying degrees by discriminatory and restrictive government policies". Besides being absurdly biased against Bahá'í , and Humanists, Atheists, and Jedi, it's also against the country's original belief-system that put Ancient Egypt on the map in the first place! Also see http://forum.egypt.com/enforum/news-f183/hrw-condemns-egypt-over-religious-affiliation-government-documents-273.html (broken link) . The problems of Modern Egypt were originally noticed with some seriously questionable prison population figures, and then later with the hog holocaust as per www.toxicdrums.com/killing-pigs-in-egypt.html . Clearly there is something wrong with the place! Well it's not too late for the government to reform and start getting things right. Otherwise, it could lose the country's reputation earned over the millennia, and the government of Modern Egypt might start to be regarded as an impostor regime, no better than some of the United States imposed puppet-state regimes, or like the cultural vandalism upon Tibet committed by China.

Update 2009/08 on the hog holocaust in Egypt: Now that the government of Egypt have exterminated all pigs (not that they were anything to do with swine flu), minoritised persecuted religious minorities are unable to keep pigs which kept the organic waste down, so now what is there?: RATS! This is not the first time Egypt has been smote by cause and effect with consequences stacking up. What about the Ten Plagues of Egypt?!

Egypt is currently (2010 CE) ruled over by an islamic fundamentalist extremist minority, against the wishes of the majority. It's a disgrace to the Pharaohs and their mystical traditions.

Update 2011: Following the Revolution in Tunisia, people in Egypt decided they'd had enough of the regime in Egypt and there was a civil uprising. The regime responded with a violent attempt to crush the rebellion, and they also jammed the Internet and mobile phone networks. This hasn't exactly shown the regime to be benevolent, has it?

Note: It's all very well having a revolution in Egypt and getting rid of the oppressive regime, but it has to be replaced with actual freedom and not something that's yet another religious fundamentalist oppressive tyranny. The new arrangement needs to be secular to allow diversity, otherwise the mistakes of the past will be repeated. This issue seems to crop up repeatedly in history. See After the Revolution

Update 2011/11: After the first overthrow, the setup still wasn't much good, and so there was a second overthrow of the government. Let's hope the new setup proves to be better now!

For a critique of a presidential speech, see http://www.toxicdrums.com/hosni-mubaraks-1-february-speech.html

Other oppressive countries (including possibly even the USA and the UK) can worry. Who's going to be next to have a revolution? Could be Saudi Arabia. They've been a fundamentalist tyranny for years. Maybe it's time to have people's opinions be heard.