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Turkey and Turkish references

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The ancient city of Ephesus can be seen at Ephesus Guide, with numerous 3D panoramic images.

http://home.epix.net/~maywrite/ - historical mysteries that are set in and around the 6th century Constantinople court of Emperor Justinian I

Turkish Towels - available!Thomas Cook - Turkey

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Turkish Delight - a delicious delicacy

Turkey Holiday Destination - picture by Thomas Cook

True, it is a country, which folks in the west call "Turkey" That's the same word that's used for a type of bird which is popularly eaten at Xmas, Thanksgiving, etc. But what do people in Turkey (the country) call the bird that's called "turkey"? Answer: "The American Bird"! Seriously, I'm not making this up. (Purists may note that The American Bird is not exactly a turkey, but there are similarities).

If you'd like to visit Turkey and see how the country is coping with becoming a modern progressive place (and joining Europe) while still keeping the best of its exotic traditional cultural aspects, there are some handy travel contacts here too.

If you've got some Turkish souvenirs with "Constantinople" on them, they are of antiquity value, as the city is now called Istanbul.