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This is for sure a very curious place. Interesting Italianesque architecture, curious follies and statues, remote setting. This is the place where that famous surrealist libertarianist series The Prisoner was filmed ("The Village"). Other things associated with this: Freedom (or lack of it), pennyfarthing bicycles, Number 6, Big Brother is Watching You, Patrick McGoohan, the expression "I am not a number! I am a free man!", espionage, escape, and the concept of being chased by a meteorological balloon. Here are some links which go into this a bit deeper:

Portmeirion Village

Virtual Portmeirion

Portmeirion tableware is available from Small Island Trader for delivery worldwide!

Portmeirion.co.uk and www.portmeirion.com - Potteries

The Hotel Portmeirion

The Hotel Portmeirion

Portmeirion as photographed by Frank Mazuca

Portmeirion as photographed by Brian Aldridge - Resurrected!

Portmeirion as photographed by Mark Griffin - was http://www.cyberpoint.co.uk/personal/port/

Portmeirion North Wales

Number Six

The Prisoner - at Retroweb

The Village - Interesting Forum

Portmeirion at The Folly Fellowship

The Prisoner Appreciation Society Six of One

Portmeiricon; You are not a visitor number You are a free fan!


The Prisoner featured at A&E? was http://www.aande.com/tv/shows/prisoner/

Prisoner and Portmeirion News Site. Regularly updated with all the Prisoner news, events and merchandise.

"The truth regarding The Prisoner Society and its recent decline".

Secret news has been hinted-at here via a contact: It is now possible to acquire a complete set of The Prisoner episodes, there being seventeen, in the uncensored version, by visiting an online shop named after a South American river, following the links, and then putting into a search there the phrase "The Prisoner". It would be interesting to see if this is true! Might be wise to follow this up and get the set of episodes for yourself as a set on DVD before The Establishment ban it, as it is an extremely subversive work.

In the interests of freedom of speech various disagreeing viewpoints are linked-to here. However, they can't all be right!

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