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Yes, you're right; There should be a page of Bangladeshi references at this eclectic site! So, here's a few places to start off with...

www.openbd.com - Open Bangladesh Forums - gone - was http://www.openbd.com - fallen victim to cybersquatters

www.bangladesh.gov.bd - Bangladesh Government

Bangladesh.net - News from Bangladesh - 2007/01 Gone? Censored?

www.webbangladesh.com - Search Engine of Bangladesh

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce

www.buet.ac.bd - Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

...and others

There's an unusual border between India and Bangladesh which has got complications.

Bangladesh, like the Maldives, is a country very keen on the idea of doing something about global warming, as sea level rise is a worrying prospect. It's easy to see why this problem is more worrying to such places than it would be to places such as Bolivia, Andorra, and Tibet. Other places which need to worry almost as much are London and New Orleans.

There is a major campaign in Bangladesh to get toilets.