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The border between India and Bangladesh has complications

At the time of the British Raj, Bangladesh was part of India. Then with the secession of Pakistan into a separate country, there was West Pakistan (which is now Pakistan), and East Pakistan (which is now Bangladesh). However, as further East of the old East Pakistan there were other parts of India, the Sister States, a piece of land going around the outer edge of Bangladesh was created so the Sister States could continue to be connected with Mainland India. That long thin piece of land was the Siliguri Corridor, which has roads, railway lines, and utilities, and so India is contiguous even if Bangladesh is independent and separate.

It all sounds very fine, but there are complications. For one thing there are differences of opinion between India and Bangladesh about how the border should be fenced, etc. Also, as if that wasn't bad enough, there are enclaves. In fact, in the countryside around the region near the border between India and Bangladesh, there are about a hundred enclaves consisting of little bits of Bangladesh surrounded by India and about a hundred enclaves consisting of little bits of India surrounded by Bangladesh. In both types of situation, the surrounding country has tended to be less helpful than it might have been in selling electricity and other services to the folks stranded in the bit they've got surrounded. There is also understandable resentment at bureaucratic problems of border guards regarding people leaving/entering their own town as if crossing an international border.

It has been suggested that the whole region be declared an International Free Trade Zone.

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