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Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua is a tropical island in the Caribbean. The country known as "Antigua and Barbuda" consists of Antigua, Barbuda, and a few other islands. Many people who live on Barbuda would like to declare independence, but the government of Antigua isn't keen on letting them. The island group also includes Redonda. interestingly, the Kingdom of Redonda has already declared independence, although not everyone takes it in the same level of seriousness, possibly because the Island of Redonda is uninhabited.

There are some funny laws in Antigua, for example you're not allowed to wear any outfit made of camouflage patterned material, regardless of the style. In a way I can see what they're doing there: They are wary of invaders who they think might wear combat fatigues in camouflage colours, or at least that's the theory we could speculate on. How realistic that is, is another matter. The impact of the dress-code probably has very little effect in terms of defence, but it does tend to upset tourists who haven't got a Lonely Planet guide to the place which would have warnings in about not packing any camouflage outfits when visiting Antigua and Barbuda. (Childrenswear, and swimwear, are not exempt from the rule, so I have heard).

The name of the place, "Antigua", is pronounced in a variety of ways by different people, and some are more dogmatic than others that their pronunciation is correct, regardless of whether it is. The favourite is "Ant-ee-ga", but there was a character sometimes jocularly referred to as "Aunt Tiggua" who would insist that Antigua was pronounced "Ant-Tiggua" and still insisted she was right even when an Antiguan visited for tea and disagreed on the matter. Another pronunciation is "Anteegwa", which is how the name would be pronounced in a Spanish style. In Spanish, the word "antigua" means old, maybe with a similar etymology to the word "antiques". So, maybe "Antigua" used to be "the old island". Who knows?

Some international businesses are based in Antigua. For example, Cyber Bingo is an online gambling casino based in Antigua.

If you'd like to visit Antigua and Barbuda, there are some helpful Travel Places here, and I wish you luck!