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But are they REALLY free?

If you join LineOne / Tiscali , you may qualify for SurfXtra. This is great, because you get a FREE CD! But is it really free? You have to pay £2.95 for shipping, ie postage and packing.

Now let's not knock SurfXtra too much! It's quite good value for money really, a CD for £2.95, good choice of titles, etc. What I would question is whether it should be described as "FREE CD".

It might be better described as "Excellent Value CD" or "Bargain CD offer" or even "Almost Free CD" etc. But I can't help thinking that if it really was a free cd then you'd be able to get it without having to pay!

Extra note: I have heard from a customer who says that if you order 3 CDs from Tiscali SurfXtra, you are charged three lots of posting and packing, which is surely a bit strange for "P&P" as usually this gets cheaper for larger packages. Also, they send them out Second Class Post. It is this kind of observation that has caused a level of suspicion among people to surmise that the CDs are not given away free by generous Tiscali but are being sold using the "Postage and Packing" notion as a cover story! It's only a rumour, mind you, so you should take it with a pinch of salt ;-)