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Demon Internet

What a good name Demon Internet and what's more they offer a fine line in Broadband services. Have a good look as they really do offer a variety of different packages.

Demon Internet:

"Founded in June 1992, Demon Internet was bought by THUS plc in May 1998 and is now the brand under which THUS provides a comprehensive portfolio of broadband services. One of UK's most experienced Internet Service Providers, the Demon product range offers reliable, professional broadband solutions for both consumer and business broadband customers. The key to our success is working with our customers to provide products, support and services help them get the most out of their Internet services.

Demon Home is an ideal choice for home users and gamers who need a fast, reliable service at a competitive monthly cost with no hidden extras which now support speeds of up to 2Mbps.

• Free modem and set up

• High-speed connection. Demon Home broadband is up to 40 times* faster than dial-up.

• Flexible access. Surf the Internet and use a telephone or fax line simultaneously.

• Fixed costs. Predictable, set monthly rental charges without any variations or surprise bills.

• No Limits. Demon Home is an unmetered service with no download restrictions or limits to the time you spend online.

• Easy to install and no need for an engineer to visit your home.

The Demon HomeOffice product is tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and professionals working from home, also now supporting speeds of up to 2Mbps.

• Free modem and free set up

• Fast connection. Up to 2Mbps downstream* and 250kbps upstream.

• Static IP address. Enables VPN access for home workers.

• FREE Demon spam filtering on all your email. An automated filtering system removes the hassle of dealing with junk mail.

• Unlimited email addresses. Create a separate account for every user.

• Demon Dial Companion service. Dial into your broadband email account remotely.

• Electronic Fax. Receive faxes straight to your printer or desktop, with uninterrupted use of the Internet and phone line.

• Choice of connection equipment. Select the broadband hardware that best suits your needs.

• 20MB web space. Create your own web presence.

* Access to our top 2Mbps connection (maximum speed downstream) is dependent on the proximity of your telephone connection to the BT exchange. In some areas only 500kbps connections may be available.

Demon Business Broadband Solutions

Capitalise on the benefits of business broadband by utilising the enhanced speeds and lower contention ratios offered as part of the Demon business broadband range. High-speed Internet that's open when you need it - our broadband services let your business make the most of the WWW network.

Demon Business 500/1000/2000

The Demon business broadband range of products is ideal for small businesses that need a business grade high-speed Internet connection through to those businesses that want to optimise the full potential of the Internet with a fast 2Mbs service ideal for a networked office.

• Business grade broadband - there whenever you need it

• Download at up to 500kbps/1000 Mbps/2000 Mbps and upload at up to 250kbps

• Allows several people on your network to connect at the same time

• Guaranteed bandwidth when you need it (20:1 contention)

• Includes your own domain name for email and Web

• Unlimited email addresses - flexible and convenient for all your business needs

Demon Express Plus/Pro

Engineer installed, fully managed high speed 2Mbps service: ideal for small businesses requiring a complete business solution.

• Engineer installed and fully managed router and service - everything you need to get you up and running.

• High-speed access to the Internet - download at 2Mbps.

• Up to 150 people in your office can enjoy the benefits of fast file transfer and instant email services, while still making and receiving telephone calls

• Flexibility to remotely dial from home or a customer site and access your email or the Internet (via Dial Companion).

• Includes an electronic fax service and Demon Web Hosting Entry with 25MB of web space for your website".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Demon Internet

www.demon.net affiliate program is with DGM PRO

Not to be confused with The Demon of Stamps which is a different type of Internet business