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PDSA Pet Insurance

Take out a pet insurance policy with PDSA Pet Insurance and contribute to charity. Protect your pet and 20% of the premium will go back to PDSA Charity.

PDSA Pet Insurance:

"Protect your pets against unexpected vet’s bills

Many dogs and cats need treatment for illnesses and accidents that you cannot plan for. Taking out a pet insurance policy could ensure you have peace of mind and your pet has the protection they need.

Who better to provide your cat or dog with quality and affordable pet insurance?

PDSA Petsurance offers the following great benefits:

A choice of 3 levels of cover

Cover for ongoing conditions*

Competitive prices

No upper age limits apply**

No extra cost if you decide to pay monthly

Access to a range of pet helplines.

As well as protecting your own pet you are helping PDSA to treat sick and injured pets, as 20% of the premium goes back to the charity.

*Cover for ongoing conditions is provided subject to the policy being renewed and the original policy limit per condition.

**Death from illness does not apply to dogs over 9 years of age and cats over 11 years of age".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


PDSA Pet Insurance

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