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List of Merchants at DGM2 / DGM PRO


Towards the middle of February 2006 it became increasingly apparent that we were having difficulty keeping track of which of the many good merchants at DGM2 / DGM PRO were still connected up properly via DGM's affiliate links. The AA - motoring organisation A few months earlier a "new improved" system had been introduced, and this had characteristics which were different from the previous system. BT eShop At Zyra Internet where there are thousands of pages, and the computer program used for tracking "obituaries" no longer works, we've found it necessary to create this page to manually perform the patrolling of affiliate links to see who's still alive.

This page isn't intended to be a complete list of DGM merchants, and it's more of a note pad so we can effectively maintain this site!

There seems to be a problem in 2010 with this. DGM UK went into Administration. We were hoping DGM UK would continue, or at the very least be bought out by another Affiliate Marketing Company who would continue with it. Obviously the most valuable asset of the company is the GOODWILL, and it's the sort of thing The Dragons would put a sensible bid in for! However, if a good arrangement isn't found, it may be that all of these merchants need contacting and their affiliate programs moving to other networks! During the time that we the affiliates are receiving mixed messages from the Administrators of DGM UK, and some of us aren't being paid considerable sums of money in commission we have already earned, we feel inclined to switch the affiliate programs elsewhere. Of course this situation could change radically were there to be an appropriate pledge by DGM / The Administrators / whoever buys DGM UK.

For the list of merchants still in need of having a new affiliate program, see s2defunct

List of DGM Merchants: - moved to TradeDoubler

The AA - moved to TradeDoubler

Accountz - moved to LinkShare!

Activity Gifts - see advgifts.htm

AFA Systems - curiously, bunged up

Airline - moved to TradeDoubler

Gloss () and Hair123 () at the page of Beauty - bunged up

Alamo Car Hire - moved to TradeDoubler

Anglian Conservatories, double glazing, and home improvements - seems to have gone.

Dial-a-Phone (moved), One Stop Phone Shop (moved), Mobile Solutions and Mobile Shop (moved) at the page of Mobile Phones

Anglian Windows (see glazing) now added. - seems to have gone.

Approved Car Finance - currently bunged up

The Art Fund

Aspinall Foundation - moved to , but we're still waiting to be accepted. Please note: We DO include the name of the place in the URL, but NOT in the DOMAIN!

Autobytel - currently bunged up

Barnardo's the Children's Charity - affiliate program seems to have gone, but we have put a direct link in for now.

be Broadband - moved to the New

Ben 10 Online

Bingo On The Box

Bluestone - moved to Affiliate Future - also Bluestone Resorts at DGM Travel Maps

Book Direct Rooms - moved to Affiliate Future

British Legion - connected up to

Bump to 3 - moved to Affiliate Window. at the page of Baby

Books Direct - currently bunged up

BT Broadband (moved to TradeDoubler) and NTL Broadband (now part of Virgin Media) at the page of Broadband

BT Internet and BT Broadband at the page about BT Internet

BT Shop (updated 2006/09) - moved to TradeDoubler

BTBusiness - relinked to BT Shop

BT Broadband - now at TradeDoublerZurich Business Insurance

Budget Car and Van Rental - moved to Commission Junction

Cashmatch - gone

Casino on Net - also Casino - moved to The New

Cats Protection - currently bunged up

Circus Casino - possibly an independent affiliate program which we might look into if there's time!

Circus Poker

CNM Online

Cottage Selection and Warner Holidays at the Travel category - Warner Holidays now with Affiliate Window. Cottage Selection gone?

Desperate Seller (moved) at the page of Car Dealers

Equitalk (moved) at the Communications Companies pageRAC

Comet Discount Electrical - moved to Affiliate Window

Choose-a-Prize (moved) at the page of Competitions

Coral Casino - moved to Brand Conversions

Coral Poker - moved to Brand Conversions

Loanline and Check My File (both gone/resigned in the 2006 moulting) in amongst the Credit Cards and Loans

Debenhams Home-Insurance

Debenhams Car Insurance

Debenhams Home Insurance

Debenhams Pet Insurance - moved to OMG

Debenhams Travel Insurance - moved to OMG

DGM2 - themselves (2nd page)

DGM India List of Companies

DGM India

DGM Travel Maps - for UK holiday resorts

The Dog House - seems to have become Boys Stuff, or at least that's where the site goesDGM Travel Maps

Easy Space - apparently bunged up

Eclipse Internet - moved to Affiliate Window

Eden 4 Hampers () and Cuisine Courier at in the classification of FOOD - bunged up

Trade Appliances at the page of Electrical Shops - bunged up

Equifax - bunged up after it was found their terms and conditions at CJ were onerous. However, a much better arrangement was reached at Affiliate Window!

eToro - moved to TradeTracker

Excel Airways - with an exclusive deal at DGM 2006/09 - then GONE with the credit crunch

Extreme Pie - fashion shop - moved to Affiliate Window888 Casino on Net

Farm Africa

First Plus loans - moved to OMG and then lost.

Fine Art International

Financial Times

Firebox - gadgets - moved to Affiliate Future

Flexible Trips - apparently bunged up

Forest Holidays - moved to TradeTracker - also on DGM Travel Maps

Forthill Home - moved to Webgains

Foxy Bingo - moved to Affiliate Future

Freedomland Internet TV - long gone!

Fuelcard Company

BoysStuff - moved to Affiliate Window at the page of Gadgets

Pacific Poker () and GameAccount (moved) in the classification of Gambling

Gamebookers - apparently bunged upSky TV

Garmin - moved to Commission Junction

Gerald - Ratners the Jewellers - moved to TradeDoubler

Gizoo - Gadgets, Gifts, and Gizmos - added here by special request. - moved to Affiliate Window

Gray and Osbourn - moved to Affiliate Window

Great Gifts - World Vision

GNC - long gone!

Various Gift Shops - now each with their own page

Greenpeace - has been redirected to

A few Loans companies (LoanLine, CheckMyFile, and ) - mostly gone

MyOffers and MyPoints at the page of Surveys - bunged up

iSubscribe at Newspapers - bunged upMachine Mart

Hair123 () at the Hair page - bunged up

Haven Holidays - moved to - also on DGM Travel Maps

HelpingHandz - long gone!

Help U Cover - moved to Affiliate Window

High and Mighty - moved to Commission Junction

Hit Entertainment Store

Holiday Lets - It turns out that this is the same as Home Away UK which we have with CJ!

Homeowners Friendly Society

Homes Direct 365

Hot Watches

Humyo - has now become part of Trend Micro

I Am Moving - apparently gone

Income Tax Relief - bunged up

Interior Addict

ITV Online Shop - moved to Webgains

Jackpot City Casino - moved to Brand Conversions

Jacobs Digital Photo - moved to Affiliate Window

JD Williams - moved to Affiliate Window

Jean Patrique Cookware - it's a shame this was cut short at TradeDoubler

King Jackpot UK - bunged up (a very brief reign)

Lakeland Leather

Lawshield UK - apparently gone

LineOne: Tiscali mentioned at the page _l1surf.htm and at LineOne

Linguaphone - moved to Buy.atVirgin Media

Lloyds TSB International - apparently bunged up

London Pass - moved to Commission Junction

StrikerMillion (moved) at the page of Lotteries

Lycos - long gone!

Machine Mart - moved to Darwin at Affiliate Window

Mazuma - moved to Webgains

The Menswear Site

Mental Health Foundation

Metatank - long gone!

M&M Sport - moved to Affiliate Window

More Than Car Insurance - moved to TradeDoublerVirgin Megastores

More Than Home Insurance - moved to TradeDoubler

More Than - moved to TradeDoubler

Music Room - moved to TradeDoubler

MYA Cosmetic Surgery - moved to TradeTracker

My Test Drive

The National Trust - moved to The New

Next Day Flowers - apparently bunged up

Nick Shop

No More Frogs - long gone!

npower - moved to Affiliate Window

NTL (moved)npower electricity and gas

OneTel - became part of TalkTalk

Oola Lingerie

Optimax - moved to TradeDoubler

Optical Express - apparently bunged up

Orange - moved to the New

Oxfam - apparently stuck on pending at The New

Parkdean Holidays - also on DGM Travel Maps

Parship - now moved to Commission Junction

PDSA Charity

PDSA Pet Insurance

Perfect Pizza

Pet Drugs Online - now with Webgains

Pet Plan - bunged up!

Pet Plan Equine - bunged up!

Pitney Bowes - moved to Affiliate Future

Play Monte Carlo Casino - bunged up

Please and Thankyou - bunged up for now

Poker Strategy

Pontins Holiday Camp - moved to Affiliate Window - also on DGM Travel Maps

Proporta - moved to The New

Quiz Player - online free quiz site - long gone!

RAC - moved to OMG and then to The New

Red 5 - moved to Webgains

British Red Cross - while there's no affiliate program, there's a direct link!

RU Craft - moving to WebgainsM&M  Sport

RAC Warranty - apparently gone

The Ritz Club - long gone!

Save the Children - has become a direct link while there's no affiliate program

Scratch and Match (moved)

Sense - we have turned this into a direct link while there's no affiliate program

Servista - long gone

Shelter - housing charity - moved to

SIBLU - moved to

Sky TV - moved to Affiliate Window

Slendertone - moved to Affiliate Future

Tiscali Smartalk - bunged upWilliam Hill

Snow and Rock - moved to Webgains

So Bathrooms

Sole Trader - moved to Webgains

Speed Breaks - apparently bunged up

Spoil Me Now - apparently bunged up

Standard Life - the page has become largely historical.

Suncars - apparently bunged up

Tariam Satellite Communications

Terry's Textiles

Tiscali - apparently bunged up

Toystore - gone!

Travelspec - moved to Webgains

True Acai

UK Affiliates themselves

UK Info Disc - gone - replaced by online services

United Airlines

vcheck - long gone!

Vegas Red - apparently bunged up

Vernons football pools - moved to Affiliate FutureWWF

Victoria Plumb - online plumbers merchants - apparently bunged up

Victor Chandler - moved to Affiliate Window

Viking Airlines

Villa Select - moved to TradeTracker

Virgin Bingo - moved to TradeDoubler

Virgin Casino - moved to TradeDoubler

Virgin Media - moved to Phd Affiliates

Virgin Megastore - became Zavvi

Virgin Net (moved)

Virgin Vie

Vonage - moved to TradeDoubler

Vroom Vroom Vroom - bunged up very soon after starting

Warner Breaks - moved to Affiliate Window - also on DGM Travel Maps

Weststar Holidays - apparently bunged up

What A Find - moved to Webgains

William HillVonage VOIP - moved to Affiliates United

William Hill Bingo - moved to Affiliates United

Wilkinson Plus - moved to Affiliate Window

Wine Gifts 4U - moved to Webgains, and became Champagne Gifts 4U

Wolsey - gone

Worldwide Fund for Nature

YES SMS - apparently bunged up

Zavvi - now with the New

Plus, s2d6 pages: Zurich Business Insurance (bunged up), Dollond and Aitchison (moved to Affiliate Window), RAC European Breakdown , Disney Holidays () , Eden 4 Flowers (moved to TradeDoubler) , easycruise , YourLoan () , Pipex at the page of Broadband , Auto Trader car check at the page of vehicle checkers and at car.htm , plus Saga Motor Insurance (moved to TradeDoubler), More Than Rescue Insurance at the page of Car Breakdown Recovery (moved to TradeDoubler) , Cantor Spreadfair () at the page of Gambling , Haven Europe (moved) , Homechoice (bunged up) , Saga Home (moved to TradeDoubler) , Demon Internet , Talkworld () , Time Life (moved)

This page itself is The List of Merchants at DGM2 / DGM PRO / UK Affiliates

Any others...

There was a time when I would have said DGM PRO (then UK Affiliates) was one of the two best affiliate marketing companies (the other being CJ). One of the main things that would help DGM PRO to get back in competition with the other affiliate marketing companies would be to have a list of discontinued merchants. I know that may sound strange, but without it, it is very tricky to maintain a system with over a thousand merchants at this site!


If you find any of the links fail to work or are inexplicably redirected to somewhere unexpected, please e-mail and mention it. That would be much appreciated! It's quite tricky to maintain a website that's got thousands of pages.

This page also links to Camden Market because the office of UK Affiliates used to be in Camden, and to DGM Australia, and to the explanation of deep linking. Curious as it may seem, this page also links to the page of Commission Junction Merchants , CORKED , Page of Discontinued Pages , Linkshare , Linkshare History and section D , section P , section U , Rhyming Order Index , Low-Fuss Networks, India, DATA to DEMO , DEMO to DIAMOND , PAY to PET , UK to UNIX , as well as the full list , Z to A , What's New and the Random Selector

Other affiliates are also sad to see DGM has gone, for example see the DGM Merchants List at

It is very sad that DGM UK (Deal Group Media UK) has gone into Administration. There are times like this when a Cheer Me Up page is required to lighten the mood a bit!

There is still a mystery and there are Questions about DGM UK that need to be looked into and are worth thinking about.