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CNM Online

Buy all the washroom hygiene products you need from CNM Online. They are Internet specialists in their field.

CNM Online:

"CNM Online are one of the leading Internet suppliers of quality washroom hygiene products in the UK.

With a vast range of existing quality washroom products, including fans, water coolers and heating products, together with new, innovative and exciting products being added to the site all the time, these excellent value for money products are available to both householders and businesses alike.

Technical information is provided on the site for each product, with a highly trained and specialised Product support team available by telephone, to offer further knowledge and expertise.

There is a normal standard UK delivery charge of £5.49 for each delivery, although some products may come with free delivery. Virtually all orders operate on an efficient next day delivery service to enhance customer satisfaction".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


CNM Online

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