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With the lack of REAL investment in the NHS perhaps we ought to look at alternatives. Hopefully, investment in the NHS will improve, in the meantime it may be worth looking at alternatives such as this.

The following is a quote from Standard Life Health Insurance, although please bear in mind it is historical, not current:

"Up to 50% No-Claims Discount with Standard Life Healthcare".

"Many people switching to Standard Life Healthcare have cut their private medical premiums on average by a third – that's around £50 a month! It's all down to our fantastic No-Claims Discount.

Special terms if you are switching your existing health insurance. If you already have private medical insurance we'll increase your No-Claims Discount to reflect the claim-free years you've had elsewhere – so you could start with up to 50% No-Claims Discount from day one.

Better still, we've rewritten our entry rules so we can often match the personal underwriting terms you have with your current insurer. So you can save money without necessarily having to forgo cover for a condition you've been treated for in the past.

If you are taking out health insurance for the first time our Primecare plans will automatically give you at least 25% No-Claims Discount.

This discount then grows with every claim-free year up to an impressive 50%. Our full cover promise means exactly that. From the moment we approve your claim, we'll settle every penny of your eligible hospital bills. And, all of our plans give you fast access to treatment at private hospitals around the UK".

"For the last four years, Standard Life Healthcare has won Health Insurance Company of the Year, Best Individual PMI Provider and Best Customer Service at the prestigious Health Insurance Awards"(2005).

As this page used to be a dedicated affiliate page, there was previously a link to go to Standard Life from here. We no longer have an affiliate relationship with Standard Life, but in the interests of public information, you can still type in the web address which is: http://www.standardlife.com

During the time of the old affiliate program, the address was http://www.standardlifehealthcare.co.uk and the affiliate program was with UK Affiliates. Sadly, the program has now finished. It would be nice if Standard Life were to have a new affiliate program, and we'd be happy to resume promoting them in the future. In the meantime, please look at other Health Insurance programs at this site. Also see Life Insurance

Please note that the information on this page is historical, and was last updated on 2010/05/05, although the quote is from much earlier than that. We are happy to make updates where appropriate. contact