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Books Direct - "Your guide to the best books". Including Mango.co.uk book club, JUST GOOD BOOKS, The Softback Preview, Home Software World, and The Arts Guild. Here's what BooksDirect say about themselves: "BooksDirect is the ultimate gateway to the UK’s leading book and software clubs. Join today! 35 years as a market leader in the Club and Direct marketing business, over 2 million members to 20+ book and software clubs, and annual sales of more than 15 million books and software products". Of course in the present era 2001/12 they're saying things like "Get potty about Harry! Everyone’s talking about Harry Potter – that’s why we’ve put together this fantastic promotion of 75% off ALL Harry Potter titles!", and there's also The Arts Guild: "The Arts Guild is Britain’s most up-market book club, catering for aficionados of all artistic styles. It is targeted at 22-55 ABC1’s who are passionate about all aspects of the art world. It is very much an art appreciation club, rather than catering for practical artists. Typically The Arts Guild offers include – 4 books from 99p plus free book or 4 books from 99p plus free gift". Then there's Mango! ... "MANGO – the book club for girls on the go! A club packed to the brim with the latest frothy fiction, thrillers & best-selling titles. Typical MANGO offers include – 5 books from 50p plus free book or 5 books from 50p plus free gift" and Home Software World, described in the following way: "Home Software World is dedicated to finding you the best choices at the best prices. If you're looking for cutting edge software, but don't want to pay high street prices - you've come to the right place! Whether you're interested in games, utilities, multimedia, computer books or children's software - you'll find just what you're looking for!" and the Softback Preview, www.etsp.co.uk (book club)... "The Softback Preview - a book club dedicated to finding you the most entertaining and informative books at the best prices. What's more, you can go wherever your mind takes you, safe in the knowledge that you will never have to buy another book ever! Typical offers include – 3 books for £3 and no further commitment.", and Just Good Books... "Just Good Books is a must! The only site that offers 1000s of best selling titles - with 75% off EVERY purchase. There are no hidden catches - as the name suggests - it's simply Just Good Books". Well you can't blame them for blowing their own trumpet!

The return of Books Direct occurred in 2011, now with a new affiliate program: "The Books Direct affiliate programme is back. Part of Book Club Associates (BCA), Books Direct is now owned and managed by The Webb Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of entertainment product".

"Books Direct offers excellent value for money on bestselling fiction and non-fiction titles, with a comprehensive children’s product".

"The Burton upon Trent based company is also renowned for its signature mix of specialist titles for railway, military, aviation, history, SF and fantasy enthusiasts, with latest releases available online and in the 4 club magazines mailed out monthly".

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Webgains. Sadly, the program has gone once more, so the page has had to be Bunged Up again! In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Book Shops page.

There was an old link page. Also, the old Books for Children site ended up relinked to Books Direct.