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Pet Plan Equine

Insurance for horsey types from Allianz Insurance PLC. Pet Plan Equine gives both you and your horse the cover you need!

Pet Plan Equine:

"Horse Insurance:

A comprehensive choice of cover for horses aged from 30 days to 19 years inclusive at the start of cover.

Rider Plan:

Essential insurance protection for those who ride but do not own a horse or have one on loan - for riders aged between 5 years and 75 years.

Veteran Plan:

A value for money package for horses aged 17 years and over at the start of cover.

PetPlan is under written by Allianz Insurance PLC:

- Allianz Insurance plc insures over 750,000 pets and horses

- Receive an average of 1500 claims per day

- Pays out over £1 million in claims every week

- Administers our own Pet Plan Charitable Trust".

If you have been tempted by this, here is/was the link:


Pet Plan Equine

http://www.petplan.co.uk/ affiliate program is with DGM PRO but has now had to be bunged up

Well I would have thought that considering the number of people reading about how to fix horse problems, this page of Horse Insurance would be doing very well.

If you'd still like to visit PetPlan, you are welcome to type in the web address at the start of the previous paragraph. Sorry there are no affiliate links on this page, but I think there's been a misunderstanding about The FSA and the distinction between merchant and affiliate content, and Petplan have decided to have a limited number of affiliates. In my opinion that's a mistake, but at least I can see why they've decided that, even though I don't agree.

If at some time Pet Plan and Plan Equine were to accept this interesting website back on their affiliate program, we'd be happy to change the merchant-provided shpiel. However, freedom of speech is such that we tend to make commentary as well. The FSA are happy about this.