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Daily Draw
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The DAILY DRAW is a UK lottery which gives you the chance to win a Million Pounds. It's free to enter, and it's drawn every day (which isn't a surprise). If you're wondering how the people at The Daily Draw can afford to give away a lot of free money like that, here's an approximate explanation: You promise to look at their advertisements and in return they enter you for the £1 Million prize draw. You have to live in the UK and be over 16 years old. Entry is FREE.The Daily Draw

Here's a more detailed explanation in the words of Daily Draw company themselves:

"We can give you the chance to win £1 MILLION every day in return for you allowing us to show you relevant advertising messages. Because you choose the information you give us you control the messages that you receive from us.

The Daily Draw is the new FREE lottery game which gives you two daily chances to win £1 million and change your life forever. It is operated by PDV Ltd,The Daily Draw a permission marketing company committed to the elimination of irrelevant advertising including junk e-mails. PDV Ltd is registered under the Data Protection Act and is also a member of The Direct Marketing Association.

But it is not about 'who we are' but 'who you are' because through The Daily Draw, PDV Ltd is putting the power to control advertising in your hands.

We give you two chances to win £1 million every day (plus other cash prizes) in return for your permission to show you relevant advertising messages based exclusively on the information you choose to tell us about yourself and your interests.The Daily Draw The more you tell us the easier it is for us to ensure that only relevant messages are shown to you. For example, if you tell us you are interested in travel, you may well see an offer from a tour operator or travel agent on the Play Page."

"Our unique relationship with our advertising partners means that entry is FREE and anybody who is a UK resident and aged 16 or over with an e-mail address can play twice every single day."

Furthermore, PDV have their own code of practice where they endeavour to ensure accuracy in the messages you receive, and take your privacy very seriously and promise not to sell or share any personal data about you with any third party. It's a very reputable system by all accounts. You can tell everything is handled with white gloves.The Daily Draw "The daily jackpot of £1 million for matching six numbers is insured with some of the world's top underwriters. Maxson Young International Adjustors have inspected and approved the draw methodology undertaken for TheDailyDraw.com promotion. From their studies of draw methodologies used, they are satisfied with the draw process. Maxson Young is not a sponsor of TheDailyDraw.com promotion."

TheDailyDraw.com is operated by PDV - a permission marketing company. "Our advertisers pay for player's entries so that players don't have to. All we ask in return is that players provide certain information to us so that we ensure that the advertising they see always matches their interests.The Daily Draw Players choose to see banners and/or e-mails. They can change their preferences at any time.

"TheDailyDraw.com provides players with two daily chances to up to £1 million by matching 6 numbers on their free-to-play lottery site"

So, to sum it up, it's free and you get entered into a £1 Million prize draw just for looking at advertising.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.thedailydraw.com affiliate program was with TradeDoubler

According to Tradedoubler, The Daily Draw.com affiliate program closed on 31/08/07, so that's a shame! It would be nice if it returns. This page and its underline page have both been bunged up and so now, where to look at next? You could visit the page of Lotteries and see what you can find.