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[William Hill]William Hill Sports Betting
The famous bookies William Hill, with betting shops around the UK, and now Online

William Hill is a famous name in betting, with a great many turf accountants shops in the UK, as well as an online presence. This is one of the reputable places to bet, where if you win you will get paid. A long time ago there was a fellow called William Hill and he set up a business where people could place bets, and as they say "William Hill built a reputation on being knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy". That reputation still carries on, as you can see in the world of online gambling, where people are keen to know that they can rely on business being conducted in a fair way.

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At William Hill they say "William Hill is synonymous with delivering a high-quality gaming and betting experience, whether online, in our shops, or on the phone. An established and trusted brand, we took more than £15bn in stakes in 2008. We are building our business by bringing the excitement of gaming and betting to UK and international customers through a strong retail presence and our growing online activities. Through our expertise, passion and commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver an unrivalled experience for our customers, sustainable growth for the business and good returns for our shareholders".

And "Founded in 1934, William Hill is one of the best-known names in the gambling industry, providing gaming and betting services across three channels: online, on the high street and on the phone. We have been listed on the London Stock Exchange (WMH.L) since 2002 and employ over 15,000 people in the UK, Ireland, Israel and Bulgaria.

Our aim is to give our customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it. We are one of the UK's leading bookmakers, with a trusted high-street brand based on our in-depth knowledge of fixed-odds betting and our unrivalled customer service. With the advent of internet betting and gaming, we have extended our market-leading brand to a new generation of customers around the world. Key facts about William Hill's retail business:

* We operate in around 2,300 betting shops across the UK and Ireland, most of which are open seven days a week, offering odds and taking bets on a wide range of sporting and other events

* We process over one million betting slips every day[William Hill]

* The gaming machines that we offer in the majority of betting shops enable customers to bet on roulette, slots and other random number generated events

* Through a joint-venture with Codere, we are developing a retail business in Spain, operating under the Victoria brand

* Our call centres for telephone betting can handle over 600 calls simultaneously

* We own and operate two Greyhound stadia (in Sunderland and Newcastle)

Key facts about William Hill Online:

* In October 2008, we established William Hill Online, the leading European online gaming and sports betting business

* Our online Sportsbook serves customers from over 175 countries, offering six languages and 11 currencies

* In 2007, we took online bets from 169 countries for over 60,000 events (350,000 markets) and over 30 sports

* Our gaming websites offer casino, poker, bingo and skill games"

So, as you can see, it's a big-time international business now. Here's another good quote: "William Hill Online: William Hill Online

* Leading European gaming and sports betting business[William Hill]

* Customers in over 175 countries

* Most profitable UK online bookmaker

* New Sportsbook launched Nov 08

Online gaming and betting is a fast-moving, growing business. William Hill was one of the earliest to enter the market, accepting our first bets on the internet in 1998, and we are the most profitable online betting operation in the UK, with over 500,000 active online customer account holders. Our online business caters for all gambling and gaming customers, offering casino, poker, bingo, a range of skill games and, of course, sports betting.

2008: William Hill Online

In 2008 we implemented has seen two major developments for the with our online business: the launch of a new Sportsbook with technology provider Orbis, and a transformational deal with gaming software company, Playtech, to create our new online business, William Hill Online.

When the Playtech transaction completes completed around the end of 2008, William Hill Online will be became one of the leading European online gaming and sports betting business businesses. , with pro forma net revenue for 2008 of c. £190m and EBITA of c. £70m. You can find out more details about the Playtech transaction in the investor relations section of this website.

William Hill Online portfolio[William Hill]

* Casino, casino.williamhill.com

* Bingo, bingo.williamhill.com

* Poker room, poker.williamhill.com"

And here's another interesting quote which tells quite a lot: "Gambling – particularly on sporting events – is ingrained in our culture. You can find references to it by historians throughout the ages as far back as Herodotus, Western culture’s ‘Father of History’. The English language is peppered with phrases we use without thinking about which stem from our love of gambling – ‘you bet’, ‘I bet you are’, ‘put your money where your mouth is’.

A trusted brand

In earlier times most gambling was done behind closed doors. When William Hill founded the company in 1934, the industry had no governing body, and bookies were not even legally obliged to pay a customer’s winning bet. This, of course, was a great business opportunity: William Hill built a reputation on being knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. The company started out as a postal / telephone betting service where a punter would send a bet with a cheque weeks in advance of an event.[William Hill]

New on the high street

In 1961, betting shops became legal, with William Hill joining the market in 1966. Shops were heavily regulated, however, to encourage people not to loiter. It was during this period that they got something of a reputation for being dens of iniquity with their blacked-out, closed windows, and murky, smoky atmosphere. With the arrival of television, however, betting became more of a leisure activity, with people spending time in betting shops to watch the races or the football. When the UK’s National Lottery began in 1994, placing a bet became a much more socially acceptable activity. As legislation changed, shops became bigger, lighter, and air conditioned, and started to include games as well as betting.

Betting goes online

1998 was an important year for William Hill, when we became the first in the industry to launch an online betting facility, our Sportsbook. The internet has changed the face of the industry, bringing in new, younger punters for a range of gambling and gaming activities, as well as providing an easy way to place a bet. Some things don’t change though – our reputation for honesty and integrity and our exceptional customer service are as important to today’s punters as they were in the days of placing a bet by putting a cheque in the post".

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William Hill encourages responsible gambling, so, you should only gamble what you can afford to lose.