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Whizz Education

Whizz Education

Help your children with their maths, visit Whizz Education. Their software has been specifically designed to teach maths at home.

Whizz Education:

"Whizz Education is an award-winning educational publisher and services provider based in Berkshire and London, UK.

Whizz founder Ron van der Meer developed the concept for Maths-Whizz whilst attempting to help his own children — then aged around 9 or 10 - with their maths homework.

Whizz Education is dedicated to creating innovative and engaging software to inspire children's education in maths. We have developed the Maths-Whizz® Private Tutor, an online and personal learning service, for children of 4 - 12 to use at home.

The Private Tutor simulates 'one-on-one' learning over the Internet using Flash software. Maths-Whizz dynamically adapts to a child's individual ability and their rate of comprehension. Parents are provided with detailed reports measuring progress over all key maths topics.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Whizz Education

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