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Turn your PC into a television with PCShowbuzz from inKline Global. By installing their software your computer can receive 100+ channels.

inKline Global:

"Founded in 1993, inKline Global was the birth child of our CEO, who was then working in Silicon Valley. Seeing the booming Internet opportunity, he decided to quit his full-time, well-paid job to set up inKline Global.

That was almost a decade ago, inKline Global began from being a one-product company [Visual Calendar Planner - 1993] to one that boasts of a range of innovative quality products and services.inKline Global

PCShowbuzz is a TV software that turns any Windows PC into a Super TV in 2 minutes!

It allows users to watch over 1000+ TV channels from all over the world without any recurring charges in full screen mode.

This product appeals to all general audiences and any television fan".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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inKline Global

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