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Bright Filter

Get your PC protected with software from Bright Filter. Make sure your hardware and family are safe, to get the best out of the Internet.

Bright Filter:

"Brightfilter is a software manufacturer and reseller specialising in Web Content Filtering and Web-Gateway Security and exists to distribute and support the very best web and email filtering solutions available today – thus making our computers safe.

Today, Brightfilter protects over 3 million home computers in the UK.

Within today’s society, the Internet is an unregulated medium, but Brightfilter is not about censorship. Bright FilterBrightfilter is about enabling different protection levels when using the Internet based on the user - whether they are an employee, child or parent.

With Brightfilter's range of solutions, customers can restrict access to pornographic content, mutilation and gross indecency, racism, hate, bomb making and how to commit suicide sites to name but a few. With the increase in spyware and phishing sites, along with dubious practices filling our news stands on a daily basis, every web user should protect themselves. We hope that by installing Brightfilter, customers will have a more secure and rewarding online experience and both users and computers will be better protected.

Whether customers are home users, Bright FilterBusinesses, ISP’s or Educational Authorities, with tens of thousands of users spanning different continents, Brightfilter have developed solutions that will fit everyone’s needs.

Already supporting customers around the globe, Brightfilter add significant value to the online experience, enabling the protection of users wherever they are using the web".

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Bright Filter

http://www.brightfilter.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Software page.