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Shop Maker

eCommerce Software SHOP MAKER (previously Shop Builder) is a shopping cart solution for business which allows your online shop to actually work. Customers can browse around your website/shop, select what they want to buy, put it in the virtual shopping cart, and then pay you online. If you'd like to sell stuff online, this is the kind of thing you need, described as "a professional, easy to use shopping cart system", Shop Maker was originally written in 2001 by Richard Grove of Red Eye Media when there was a shortage of usable shop systems. Of course this has meant that Shop Maker has got a good head-start, and because SUPPORT is high on the list of priorities, you can buy this software safe in the knowledge that you'll not be left stuck without technical support".Shop Maker eCommerce solutions

In the words of Shop Maker: "Shop Maker was originally written in 2001 by Richard Grove of Red Eye Media and was called Shop Builder. In 2001 there was a shortage of usable shop systems. The few that were available were either lacking in usability, functionality or were too complicated and bulky to configure and set-up. The aim of Shop Maker was, and still is, to offer small to medium sized businesses an affordable, powerful, fast and easy to use e-commerce shop system".

Small to medium sized business? Is that you? If so, this may be what you are looking for.

"Shop Maker has seen many improvements since its creation and now boasts ease and power packaged in a light weight shop system that is usable on the majority of web servers. We listen to people and are always happy to receive feedback from users. By listening and acting on feedback, we have turned Shop Maker into an extremely usable and powerful system.Shop Maker software Shop Maker will always be a work in progress that will continue to evolve, accommodating changes in the e-commerce standards. We specifically aim our product at the UK marketplace because we understand that businesses want and need support via telephone. Support is a real priority with us. We realise how frustrating it is when you want to ask a simple question but there is nobody to talk to. We are on hand to offer help or advice by telephone. To conclude, Shop Maker is not just a shop system, it is a complete online trading package made up of the tools, advice and support needed to get your business online and trading".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

www.shopmaker.co.uk affiliate program is with Independent Affiliate Program

Here's some more shpiel which gives further insight into the nature of the product...

"Shop Maker is jam packed with features that make it an easy task to manage your online shop and orders. Lots of extras are built into the latest version and give you total control over the look and feel of your shop.

* Intuitive Category & Product Management
* Upload multiple images with each product
* Offer visitors Multiple Payment Options
* Easy to use Shipping Management
Shop Maker software
* Automatic Product Image Resizing
* Simple Order / Receipt Management
* Printable Orders / Receipts
* Trade Account Management
* Shopwide Discount Facility
* Products can be flagged as Special Offers
* Most Popular Products can be displayed
* Stylesheet Editor with Colour Picker
* Shop Layout Editor
* Shop Image Manager
* Brand Image Management lets you attach Brand Images to Products
* Order Tracking
* Much, Much More"

See, it's quite involved really. Looks like Richard Grove has been very busy putting a lot of work into this since the year 2001. You can find out more about Shop Maker at the actual site which you can visit here:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

www.shopmaker.co.uk affiliate program is with Independent Affiliate Program

Oh go on then, let's mention the technical stuff:

"Shop Builder is written purely in PHP and uses MySQL database. PHP has become so popular in the last few years thatLinux it is now the language of choice for the majority of experienced web programmers. Its speed and flexibility makes it better than ASP or any language that is used to create CGI scripts. Most servers are running on a *NIX platform with PHP & MySQL installed which makes PHP the obvious choice for reaching the widest audience".

...which means that it's made speaking the same computer language that most computers understand (such as yours at your ISP). It also means it's likely to still be working in many years time. [More]>