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Allume Systems

Formerly known as Aladdin Systems, Inc. Allume Systems software company are the makers of the world famous StuffIt.

Allume Systems:

"Corporate History

Allume Systems, Inc. (previously Aladdin Systems, Inc.) was founded in 1988 to develop, publish, and distribute microcomputer software products for Apple and IBM computers. The company's mission is to make data transmission, access and organization transparent in the Internet era. Macintosh utility and developer marketplaces provided the platform for Allume's first products, with numerous Macintosh and IBM PC-based products scheduled in the upcoming years.Allume

Shortly after its founding, Allume Systems teamed up with 15 year-old Raymond Lau, author of the de facto standard StuffIt software, to further develop the state-of-the-art compression, security, and archiving product and to introduce new, innovative software. Allume made its debut in the Macintosh marketplace in the summer of 1989 with the introduction of Raymond Lau's Shortcut, a system enhancement for the Macintosh that provides file and disk management within every application's Open and Save dialog.

The history of StuffIt began in 1986, before Allume Systems was founded. At the age of 15, Raymond Lau developed the StuffIt compression, security, and archiving software. In order to promote widespread use of the software, Raymond publicly released the software under the shareware philosophy where users are encouraged to use and freely distribute the software; if use continues after a 15 day trial period, users are honor-bound to pay a nominal fee.

Shortly after its release, StuffIt was embraced by telecommunications users as a method for saving time and online fees. Within six months, StuffIt became the de facto standard for sending files across the Internet and networks. America Online, AppleLink, CompuServe, GEnie, Delphi, and thousands of local Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) adopted StuffIt and required their users to obtain the software and to compress all files before sending them to the service.

StuffIt is not only the standard for compression, but also became the #1 shareware product for the Macintosh.

Allume Systems: Everyday Solutions

Founded in 1988, Allume Systems, Inc (previously Aladdin Systems, Inc.), a Smith Micro, Inc. company (NASDAQ: SMSI), develops and publishes award-winning software solutions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris.

Allume provides everyday solutions that enable people and businesses to communicate and manage their ideas and information.

Allume's software solutions empower users in the area of information access, removal, recovery, security, and online distribution. Its products include StuffIt (r), Internet Cleanup(tm), Spring Cleaning (r), and icSpyware Suite.

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