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Dorling Kindersley

Fantastic we are delighted to have a Dorling Kindersley page at this site! Their publications and software are fantastic, it may surprise you to see the number of titles they produce. Have a look at their website and see for yourself.

Dorling Kindersley:

Dorling Kindersley"DORLING KINDERSLEY was founded by Peter Kindersley and Christopher Dorling in Autumn 1974. The company, set up with £10,000 capital and was initially established as a book packager producing books for other publishers.

Since 1974, Dorling Kindersley has published an extensive range of internationally acclaimed titles for adults and children. As the UK's market leader in illustrated non-fiction, we pride ourselves on creating books that combine comprehensive information and superb design.

Over the years, as the world's leading family illustrated publisher, we have inspired and informed readers who find DK books to be educational, distinctive and of consistently high quality. We value this reputation and will continue to create reference titles that are, without question, exceptional".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Dorling Kindersley

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