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Zyra evaluates some of those claims made by spam-senders and then offers you an honest solution.

Sick of those annoying spam messages claiming "your computer stores everything you've seen online" and "You could be fired for surfing PORN online" and "Don't ruin your life!" and other over-dramatic stuff, I decided to advertise these things here and point out a few things about the whole business of history erasing and what the real risks are, and are not.

Firstly, if your computer could record everything you'd ever seen online, what does that say about hard disc drive capacity?! It would require more storage than it's got, and in any case would fill the whole disc up just spying on you.

The fact is, though, that Microsoft is a very messy system in its disc sector usage and appears to be deliberately designed to allow the maximum possible chance of authorities being able to spy on you, and if they get your computer, to prove you're guilty of just about anything (even if you didn't do it).

Also, the claim "Clearing your cache is not enough!". Yes, that's true. You need to overwrite the empty blocks on your hard disc.

Most of the problem is down to Microsoft operating systems, so if you want any privacy, upgrade to LINUX which, unlike Microsoft Windows, gives YOU the power to control your computer rather than vice-versa!

Next, "What if Your Boss knew you were looking at porn on the Internet?!" and "You could be fired!" etc. Well, besides the fact that porn isn't particularly interesting generally, it's a matter of personal taste. In my own case, my boss knows exactly what I look at on the Net, but won't be firing me for it, nomatter what it might be! How is this achieved? Simple! I'm my own boss!

Yes, but what if I was employing some people and it turned out that they were looking at all kinds of porn and other naughty things on the Internet? Would I fire them? Well, to be honest about it, I don't care what peoples' personal preferences are. If they want to look at various erotic stuff online, who cares?! (There would be the issue of wasting company time, but that's nothing to do with the nature of the material being looked at!)

The other thing about all this scare idea that "Your Boss" will care so much that you have some bizarre kink and wish to look at strange pictures online that you'll be dismissed from your employment, implies a very oldfashioned notion of employers. It's a bit like "Ooh, what if your boss found out you were GAY?!, you'd be sacked from your job immediately!". It might have been true in some bygone decade, but not anymore. Besides the fact that society has grown up a bit, it's now illegal to dismiss someone for their sexual orientation in most countries.

Then there's "Don't ruin your marriage!", which seems to imply the idea that if your spouse discovered that you had an odd habit which you indulged in online, you'd be divorced! It's a bit like the idea "If your wife discovered you were a secret transvestite and dressed up in women's clothes at weekends and went out to crazy nightclubs, you'd be shamed and thrown out of the golf club!". However, if you did but know it, she'd most likely be quite pleased to find you're a crossdresser and would enjoy going shopping with you in drag! (This is more widespread than expected). The fact is that if your nearest and dearest can't cope with you how you really are, then life's a sham, isn't it!?

Anyway, don't buy via spam! Keep an honest inbox. Here are some proper online history cleaning software links:

CleanDrive - the Classic. Complete with scary newspaper clippings! - found to be cybersquatted on 2008/11/10 and to have ads for car valet services! Also, a faked-up copyright message including our affiliate code (http://hop.clickbank .net/?zyra1/netorder) was added, which is especially irksome to us, as we hate cybersquatters!

1 Privacy Software: X-Cleaner 2 - although their ClickBank affiliate link seems to have ended, with a curious picture of a kitten in a cage, we are tempted to join their independent affiliate program, although there's a lot going on at the moment!

WinShredder - PC Security Shield

Evidence Eliminator - and spyware killer
As used by one of MG Rover's "Phoenix Four". How about that for a recommendation?! - was at Clickbank

Computer Associates - PitStop Eraser

Evidence Neutraliser - Erase your tracks! - was http://www.evidenceneutralizer.com/?hop=zyra1 - another loss because of Clickbank

...Well, I'm sure you can see the general theme here!

As well as eliminating evidence, history, etc, there's also the matter of eliminating bad links. These were last checked 2011/08/06.

If you've arrived at this helpful page by a search engine search, don't erase your history so well you lose all reference to this site! There's loads more useful advice at this website which you can't see all of today! Make a note of the address Zyra.tv (which is part of www.zyra.org.uk ), and also see [response]