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(It's a big picture - may take a time to load)

Another intriguing picture of Zyra

Another weird outfit, another strange scene. Zyra's website front page picture from Issue65. A Bright Future!

Hair colour is INTENSE RED by styled by Linda Moghul

Also see hair colour , Interesting FASHION , More Modelling Shots, and Extent of this site

It's a strange picture with bright colour, and this was the front page on Issue65 of the site. On Camera!It was speculated at the time that this won us banishment from the Jessops Photographic affiliate program, so a big fuss was made of supporting The Digital Camera Company instead! Whether it really was that is hard to tell with hindsight, but Zyra has continued being just as weird, Jessops the Number1 in Photographyand these days Jessops are happy to be advertised here as well as The Digital Camera Company. So, in the end an amicable solution all-round.