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(It's a big picture - may take a time to load if you've not got broadband)

Another surrealist picture of Zyra

This picture of Zyra in a surrealist scene took quite a lot of work to create it. In addition to the multiple elements being created separately, there's also some artistic construction gone into the composition of the picture. The picture (detail) was revealed as the front page picture of Zyra's website Issue68 published at New Year 2004, although the fireworks in the picture were photographed exactly four years earlier, at the Millennium.

Hair colour is INTENSE RED by SmartBeauty.info styled by Linda Moghul

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The original of this picture was made in a higher resolution. There was an idea of publishing it (with a publicity signature to help to promote Zyra.org.uk), but it would be even bigger on storage and bandwidth, and I'm not sure if many people would want to print it out. e-mail