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Photographs of spiders and scorpions. The page was originally set up so show the pictures spiderwhich were taken for publicity purposes for DANGEROUS THINGS INTERNATIONAL, whose page on here gave details of how to get such things (wholesale) in glass cases for home decoration purposes as if they were Home Accents in a Gothic style!

A lot of things have happened since this page was started. scorpionEven though many shops in Camden were interested in taking these things on as a stock line, the export arrangements in Thailand did not get resolved and Eastern Automatics was otherwise occupied in the slot machines business and other things.

Spiders also get mentioned at Zyra's website in pages as how to get spiders out of the bath and perhaps spidermore importantly how to stop being frightened of spiders, along with other helpful pages of advice at this site.

Our correspondent in Thailand has noticed that scorpions are spidernot thought of as rare or exotic there, and they are fried and served up as a form of Thai fast food. But shouting "Don't eat them! Export them!" is unheeded as surely as a request to a British fish&chip shop would be if you told them the product was inexplicably collectible in some other part of the world!scorpion

Although the page about Dangerous Things International was initially set up to export trophy spiders and scorpions to wholesalers, it has never really done well because the suppliers haven't kept up with demand. So, the pages about it have instead been retasked to be decorative and interesting rather than primarily commercial. Because of the deep linking policy at this site, pages don't get deleted, but just go on to become part of the wealth of interesting webstuff structure at this site! There are plenty of profitable commercial pages here, for example the Shopping Portal and the page of Famous Brand Names! And others at some of the categories and classifications

Close-up of Live TarantulaAlso, up to 2006/11 all of the spiders and scorpions on the spiders and scorpions page have been DEAD, but now we're starting to include images of LIVE creatures as well! For example, this Tarantula was photographed while alive and sent in by Wini as she encountered it near Punta Gorda in Belize. Thanks!

Live Tarantula

It's expect there'll be some new pictures of large live spiders found in Panama. While I was being shown around a house by an estate agent, in the garden a tarantula dropped out of a tree right in front of me! Maybe I should get a hat?

It's true that spiders are a good thing to have in the house, but I may have to adjust that policy in the tropics.

Spider encountered in Panama

Live ScorpionAlso in Panama, a scorpion encountered while in a bathroom. There's a story about this.